over 3 years ago

Quick Update

It has been a month since the original post here, and I've nothing to show – publically, anyway – for the time I've taken. Some real life, seriously biznis sort of things have gotten in the way, but I assure you there will be more content soon. I've been working on updating the Rails application that runs the blog, and I've implemented a couple new features. Commenting and image headers for posts are now a reality! I'm almost as feature-complete as livejournal was 20 years ag...

over 3 years ago

At Last, a Real Post.

First, can I just say that if you're using Internet Explorer or a mobile browser right now, you cannot see the beautiful ligatures in that title. You're missing out. 

After a long break from touching my website, I'm back. For the past five or six months I've been living in a fog of server programming and newspaper design. Ruby, PHP, and myriad other complex, frustrating, and really fun thin...